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Before you start to think your home is haunted, we’re first willing to bet it’s a problem with your heating system. After all, common haunting signs and faulty heating systems share many things in common: changes in temperature, cold spots, and weird noises. Having a defective heating system can mean bad news for you and your family in the winter, so it’s best to do a little checking around and see which of these warning signs tick off a potentially faulty system before looking up services for a heating system repair in Rossville, GA.


Signs That Say You Need Heating System Repair in Rossville, GA


Inconsistent Room-to-Room Temperatures

Unless you’ve designated heating and no-heating zones in different rooms of the house, each room should have a standard and consistent temperature. Feeling dramatic changes when you move through the rooms already raises a red flag. If you find yourself unable to get the temperature setting right because you feel like it can’t distribute heat efficiently anymore, you’re going to need your system looked at.


Unusual spikes in power bills

If you suspect that your heating system might be at fault, try comparing your current bill with the previous ones (make sure you were using the same heater back then!). An aged heating system has most likely contributed a significant amount if your bills show a consistent hike. Old heating systems are most likely to start malfunctioning once they’ve exceeded or are nearing their life expectancy, which spans between 15 to 25 years.


Poor quality air

Air quality in your home can affect your family’s health, and a bad heating system can result in excess dust that can irritate respiratory conditions and allergies. Furnaces in heating systems have filters that can accumulate dust, mildew spores, and allergens, so if you haven’t had your filter changed or checked during monthly maintenance, it’s best to have the pros take a look.


Weird noises

A heating system that’s making strange noises is trying to tell you its defects. A loud rattling inside the system could mean that a specific part in the blower assembly has come loose. A squealing sound could be caused by a faulty motor. Once you start hearing something odd with the system, call professional services immediately before it gets worse.


Short cycles

The thermostat in the heater system is responsible for regulating the temperature. When it starts getting uncomfortably cold and hot in a frenzy during the day because the heater keeps going on and off, that means your heating system is short cycling. Short cycles happen when the heat exchanger overheats too quickly and has to turn off to cool down.


Ryan Heating & Air Provides All-Year-Round Heating System Repair in Rossville, GA


By now, you should be aware of how to spot potential red flags your heater may exhibit that warrant a check-up or repair. Most people only start getting their heating systems inspected or repaired during the winter after having neglected system maintenance for months, but it’s best to check and clean them constantly so you won’t have to worry about it when it’s time to put it to good use. 


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